Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein and also the seat of the national parliament. The city, which is located along the Rhine river on the borders with Switzerland and Austria, has only 5,450 inhabitants.

Although Vaduz is the most famous city in the country, it is not the largest, as the neighboring city of Shaan has a larger population. Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world with an area of 160 square kilometers, the fourth smallest in Europe and has a total population of 37,877. Even today it is considered one of the richest countries in the world, but also a tax haven for businesses. Liechtenstein’s currency is the Swiss franc (CHF) and 10 Swiss francs equals to around 8,5 Euros. For the latest updated exchange rates visit the XE Currency Converter page.

What To See...

Vaduz Castle

The castle of Vaduz is the palace and the official residence of the prince of Liechtenstein. It is the main attraction of the city and is situated on a hill overlooking the city center at an altitude of 120 meters. The castle is not accessible but offers magnificent views of the surrounding area and is sure worth a visit.

Vaduz Cathedral

A very beautiful cathedral in the city center that is worth visiting, as it is one of the few sights that you can see in Vaduz. Admission is free of charge.


Städle is Vaduz’s most central street and here are the most interesting things you can see in this city. The Town Hall building, the Liechtenstein National Museum, the Art museum and most of the cafes, restaurants and shops of the city are all in this street. If you visit this small pedestrian street, which is just 650 meters long, then you have visited a very large part of the city, and certainly the most interesting.

Nearby Excursions

Vaduz has a great location on the borders with Switzerland and Austria and your choices for near one day excursions are really endless. Just 30 minutes from Vaduz you can find yourself in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland, the canton of Apenzell. Apart from the beautiful villages that you can see and the amazing landscapes during the trip, another top destination in our opinion is lake Seealpsee and the stunning Aescher Hotel which is built inside a rock in the Swiss Alps.

What To Eat

Liechtenstein is a very expensive country and the prices especially in the city center are very high. The one and only day we dedicated to Vaduz, we did not try something extraordinary to recommend you. Perhaps a coffee stop at Städle is a good choice if you want to avoid to spend lots of money, since there is not something great to try in the city center.

How to move

Obviously, you will not need any means of transport to move around the city of Vaduz because the city is very small. In just a few hours you can easily explore everything in the city just walking on foot. The nearest airport is Memmingen in Germany and is about 1:30 minutes away (130 km) by car from Vaduz.

Where to stay

Accomodation in Vaduz is very expensive as in the whole of Liechtenstein. In fact, Liechtenstein is one of the most expensive destinations you can visit all over Europe. A double room in Vaduz city center starts at 200 euros per night and can easily reach 300 euros depending on the hotel. You can make your reservations via

Vaduz Through Our Eyes...

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