Miltenberg is a small town in Lower Franconia in Bavaria, with a population of 9,000. Miltenberg is located between Nuremberg and Frankfurt and it is known mainly for its beautiful old quarter, and the castle which overlooks the city and the river Main. The city has a medieval atmosphere, such as many german cities, and is surely worth a visit, if you find yourself near this area.

What To See...

Old Market Square

The central square of Miltenberg is one of the most beautiful places in the city and certainly one of the main attractions that you have to visit. The characteristic buildings give the impression that you are in another era and the scenery is like a fairytale.

Miltenberg Castle

The castle of Miltenberg is located on a hill just above the main square of the city and is only a few minutes walk. The short uphill route for the castle through a path, is beautiful and the view over the castle is stunning. If you want to visit it internally, there is a museum in the castle which, unfortunately, we did not have time to visit.

Old Town

Walking in the old town of Miltenberg is one of the most beautiful things you can do here and it is definitely worthwhile to get lost in the streets of the city, but also on the main street which is Hauptstrasse. Along Hauptstrasse there are many cafes, restaurants and shops, where you can find especially sweet treats.

Miltenberg Bridge

Without being something special, Miltenberg’s Bridge, which connects one side of the city with the other, over the River Main, is one of the city’s landmarks and complements the beautiful landscape of this city.

Nearby Excursions

Miltenberg is located close to Frankfurt and as you can easily understand, there are plenty of options for excursions around. Approximately an hour by car, there are two of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Heidelberg and Würzburg. Würzburg is 75 km from Miltenberg (about 50 minutes by car) and Heidelberg 80 km (about 1 hour). We have referred to both cities in detail, so if you are interested to check them out, it is a good idea to read our impressions, by clicking on the names of the cities.

If you want our opinion, Heidelberg is a personal favourite and we believe that you will love it too. Würzburg is equally beautiful, but Heidelberg’s atmosphere is truly unique and you must visit it at least once.

A third option, perhaps even better, is to visit a small part of the Romantic Road route which is very close to Miltenberg. Cities like Bad Mergentheim, Lauda Königshofen and other small villages definitely deserve a visit to get a small taste of this wonderful part of Germany.

What To Eat

In the center of Miltenberg there are several restaurants and cafés mainly in the old town along Hauptstrasse. Most restaurants serve traditional dishes of German cuisine and you will surely find one to satisfy you. Some well known restaurants that we recommend are Gasthaus Zum Riesen (German cuisine) and Piazza Solona (Italian cuisine), located in the city center.

How to move

All the interesting sights are located in the old town and you will not need any means of transport to move around Miltenberg. You can easily walk to explore the city and enjoy its beauties in just a few hours. The nearest airport is Frankfurt Airport and is a 50 minute drive (78 km) by car.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Miltenberg is relatively expensive compared to other cities in Germany, and the options are limited. A nice double room in the city center costs around 80-120 euros per night. You can make your reservations via

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