Marburg is a small town north of Frankfurt in the valley of Lahn in the state of Hesse. The “Landgrafenschloss” castle on the hill, the historic buildings of the university and the old town are the top attractions of the city. A labyrinth of narrow, paved streets surrounds the well preserved buildings of 17th and 18th century architecture.

Marburg is one of the most beautiful small towns we have visited in Germany, and especially during Christmas period is an incredible experience that you have to live! The University of Marburg was founded in 1527 and is the oldest Protestant university in the world. This small town has about 74,000 inhabitants, of which 26,000 are students and 6,000 people work for the university!

What To See...

Castle Of Marburg

The castle of Marburg is located on the top of a hill in the center of the city and was built in the 11th century as a fortress. Through an incredible route starting from the main square of the city, climbing the stairs and passing some terrific alleys in about 10 minutes you will find yourself at the entrance of the castle, which will offer you beautiful views of the city of Marburg. Surely the castle along with the central square are the two things that you should not miss if you are here!

Central Square

The central square of the city is probably the most beautiful spot in Marburg. A small square so beautiful, which as we said during the Christmas season transforms into something we can not describe you in words, you just have to live it to understand! Everything throughout the city during the Christmas season is adorned and the atmosphere festive especially in the central square. Here you can taste the famous Gluhwein, a kind of sweet wine that is drunk hot accompanied by some traditional cinnamon biscuits. Of course, there are also other options such as the classic Currywurst, which is the classic sausage with curry sauce and french fries.

Marburg Town Hall

This very beautiful building in the center of the square is the Town Hall of Marburg and one of its main attractions. If you find yourself here in December, which is an experience we suggest you to live in any part of Germany and especially in Marburg, Christmas is celebrated every day for almost a whole month! Incredibly beautiful images, with a huge wheel right in front of the Town Hall, the Christmas market and the festive atmosphere that prevails everywhere in the city are really some of the things that will enchant you!

Nearby Excursions

Marburg is in a very beautiful location, however, we do not say there is something special nearby that we would suggest you for a day trip. The surrounding countryside is quite beautiful, but certainly Marburg is the most beautiful spot of the whole area. Spend more time in the city and enjoy it as much as possible!

If you want to make a short excursion, Frankfurt is a good and relatively easy choice, although it has never been in our favorite cities of Germany, but it is definitely worthwhile to see it once. From Marburg’s main station there are frequent itineraries and they cost 30 € per person roundtrip.

What To Eat

If you find yourself in Marburg during the holiday season as we mentioned above, we recommend that you definitely try the hot Gluhwein (preferably in the central square), traditional sausages in different versions, the Gingerbread cookies but also the awesome Christstollen, a kind of sweet bread with nuts and dried fruits.

If you now want to sit in a restaurant, we recommend you the excellent Weinladele, which is located a few meters away from the main square following the path to the castle. Here you will find classic German dishes, incredible soups (try the onion soup with melted cheese) and awesome Schnitzels at very good prices and quality. The decoration of the shop is very beautiful and it will make you feel like home. Order your food with a glass of wine from the list and relax looking out from the windows and if you are lucky enough like us and snowing outside, you will have experienced a truly magical experience.

How to move

Marburg as well as all German cities are very friendly for pedestrians and for those who want to use a bicycle or means of transport such as a bus. In the center of the city you can travel with ease on foot, as the city center is relatively small and the sights are very close one to another. Take some time on the narrow alleys, especially around and behind the square to admire the beauty of this city.

The nearest airport is Frankfurt and is only 1 hour away (100 km) by car, bus or train to the city center of Marburg. Access is very easy as means of transport in Germany is at a very high level.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Marburg is expensive for Germany standards, especially during the Christmas season, prices go up dramtically. Because Marburg is a pretty touristic place but also has many students, it would be a good idea to book early your room. Prices in the city center for a double room starting at around 80-100 Euros per night. You can make your reservations via

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