Geiranger is a small village in the Sunnmøre region of the Møre og Romsdal province in west Norway. It is located at the end of the famous Geirangerfjord, which is one of Norway’s most beautiful and touristic fjords. At Geiranger you will find some of the most impressive landscapes all over the world. The village have been voted many times as the best travel destination in Scandinavia and since 2005 Geirangerfjord has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The waterfall of the “Seven Sisters” as it is called, lies west of Geiranger and is one of the main attractions of the whole area.

For nature lovers, Geirangerfjord has a lot to offer and is an ideal destination. From here you can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the fjord, hiking in a stunning scenery or just see the fjord through a kayak or small boat by making a mini cruise. Below we will mention the main sights of the village and the surrounding area and on an other post in our blog we will refer in particular to the amazing hikes you can make around this really magical place.

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What To See...

Ornesvigen Viewpoint

From this amazing viewpoint you can admire one of the most beautiful views in Geirangerfjorg! The panoramic angle, where you can admire the beauty of the landscape will really leave you speechless! On your left you can see the village of Geiranger from a height of 600 meters high and to the right you can see perhaps the most beautiful and the most photographed point of the fjord, the famous waterfall “Seven Sisters”. Obviously, this place is hyper touristic and if you really want to enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of the landscape, then we suggest you to visit it very early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

The Seven Sisters Waterfall

The famous waterfall of Geirangerfjord is really a spectacular sight! Especially during the period from May-July, when the snow melts in the surrounding mountains, the waterfall is much more beautiful as its flow is greatly increased and it is visible almost from everywhere!

Flydalsjuvet Viewpoint

Flydalsjuvet offers a truly spectacular view of the village and the fjord and is a great spot for photos. Some of the most popular pictures you have seen from Norway’s travel guides are most likely to have been taken from this point. The view that you will see from here can’t be described in words and you just have to visit it to understand exactly what we are talking about. Our advice as well as Ornesvigen is to come here late in the afternoon when the groups have left. A little secret is to go a few meters under the parking area and you will find yourself on a rock, in one of the most beautiful sceneries you have seen in your life. We combined it with a fast meal and that really was an unforgettable experience that we will never forget. Simply amazing…

Skagefla Farm

Those of you who are hiking lovers or just love nature but also have a good physical condition then the hiking from Homlong (at the end of Geiranger village) to the Skagefla farm is a truly unique experience! During the 6 hour hiking experience (9 km), through a very difficult path with a really big ascent (about 800 meters), you will have the chance to see some of the most beautiful pictures you can see in this fjord. The views are really magical! The tranquility that surrounds you combined with the incredibly beautiful view that offers you, is another experience you just have to live at least once! For the less active, there is a choice to go directly to the farm with a small boat that will cost you enough money (40 euros per person) and climb the farm from a very steep path at a height of about 270 meters above the fjord . However, in one way or another, this farm is probably the most beautiful spot in the whole area and we suggest you to visit it unreservedly.

Fossevandring Waterfall

This huge waterfall with the incredible flow is one of the most beautiful spots in the village as it offers also a spectacular view. Very easily accessible from the center of the village in just a few minutes, it is one of the sights that you have to see. Get a waterproof jacket with you, you will definitely need it!

Nearby Excursions

In Norway there are always infinite choices for nearby excursions, as the whole country is really beautiful and surely wherever you are, you definitely have something interesting very close. The nearest big city near Geiranger is Alesund and is approximately 108 km, about 2 hours by car.

Our suggestion of course is to try some of the numerous incredible hiking choices around the area. The Skagefla Farm that mentioned above is an ideal choice, as it is one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever made! The landscape is really amazing and will surely worth the effort. It will take you about 5-6 hours depending on your physical condition and the experience you have. Although it is not one of the easiest hikes we’ve ever done, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful!

What To Eat

In Geiranger, there are not many choices about the food beyond the few restaurants in the center of the village. Most of these are very touristic and very expensive, as well as across the country. Our suggestion is to visit the central supermarket of the village and buy some basic things, so you can cook something fast in the room or make a picnic at one of the viewpoints we mentioned above. It will cost you less than 1/3 of the price of a restaurant and the experience will be truly unique!

How to move

Geiranger is a very small village and you definitely do not need any means of transport to get around, but the surrounding area has so many things to see that it’s almost necessary to rent a car. The nearest airport is Alesund and is about 2.5 hours far (122 km) by car from Geiranger.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Norway is a topic that we have discussed in detail in our blog. Hotels in Geiranger are very expensive and if you want to stay in a hotel with all your comforts then you should be prepared to pay around 150-200 Euros per night at least. The solution of the small wooden houses in the campsites in the surrounding area are really life saving and will cost you about 1/3 of the hotel price. You can make your reservations via

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