Zermatt is located in the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland and is a mountain resort famous for skiing, climbing and hiking. The city is at an altitude of about 1,600 meters below the picturesque peak of the most famous mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn, which has the characteristic pyramid shape. The main road is Banhofstrasse, which is full of shops, hotels and restaurants. In Zermatt you can also find a public outdoor ice rink where you can test your skills.

Zermatt has a population of about 5,800 inhabitants and is designated as a city by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. Much of the local economy is based on tourism and about half of the city’s jobs are in hotels or restaurants, as Zermatt is probably considered to be Switzerland’s most popular winter tourist destination.

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland (CHF) and 10 Swiss Francs equals to 8.5 euros. For the latest updated exchange rates visit the XE Currency Converter page.

What To See...

Walk In The Town

Zermatt is a very beautiful town and it’s an amazing experience just to walk along. The main road is Banhofstrasse and from here also begin several excursions to the top of Matterhorn for the very courageous hikers or for the fanatical ski lovers during winter. 

Excursion to Matterhorn

 If you are one of those who like adventure like us then an excursion to the imposing mountain Matterhorn is a must! From the city center you will find several companies that organize one day excursions to the mountains for skiing, hiking and much more. Extreme prices are a trademark of Switzerland, and many of you will find it unreasonable. At the city center you can find detailed information about excursions and various activities in Zermatt, and if your wallet can handle it, you can book one of them.

Nearby Excursions

We would not say that Zermatt is at the best location geographically to plan some nearby excursions. There are many activities you can do around Zermatt with various organized hiking, skiing and many other excursions that will make the most of you to fill your days. Lake Stelisse is an amazing hiking path as it offers a great view of the Matterhorn if weather permitting that. This particular hike is quite demanding and the lake is 15 km away from Zermatt (about 5-6 hours) with a strenuous climb, about 1000 meters high.

What To Eat

A very nice restaurant with good food and very good prices in relation to the most restaurants in Zermatt is the Brown Cow Pub. In this beautiful pub you will find delicious burgers, salads and some very nice soups that is the best choice in winter time. There are of course much better dining restaurants in Zermatt but we usually try to find solutions that will fully satisfy you and will not empty your wallet. An average price for a three course meal for two people with a drink ranges around 60-70 euros! Prices are incredibly high but you will reconsider it as soon as you visit some of the other restaurants in the town.

How to move

There are no cars in Zermatt, so you will not need any means of transport. If you have a car, you will have to leave it in the parking lot at the entrance in the village of Tasch and use the train to get to the center of Zermatt in just a few minutes. The nearest airport to Zermatt is Geneva and is approximately 2.5 hours by car (230 km).

Where to stay

Accommodation in Zermatt as well as all over Switzerland is a difficult part because of the high prices. An average price for a relatively affordable double room starts at about 150 Swiss Francs in the center of the town but prices can reach levels of 250-300 Francs easily. There are many hotels in Zermatt, but they are usually very crowded, especially at winter time. If you’re planning your trip to Zermatt, make your reservation via Booking.com


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