Wroclaw is a city in western Poland and is known for its beautiful market square, filled with stunning buildings. With a population of 630,000 inhabitants, Wrocław is the fourth largest city in Poland and is one of Poland’s most important industrial, banking, tourist and cultural centers. Thanks to the organization of Euro 2012, Wroclaw became more widely known, attracting more and more tourists to its historic city center. The city is also known for its high quality of life.

The Polish currency is Zloty and 10 Polish Zloty equals to approximately 2.4 euro. For the latest updated exchange rates visit the XE Currency Converter page.

What To See...

Market Square

This square is the main attraction of Wrocław and the area where most of the attractions are gathered. The market square, as it is called, with the characteristic buildings around it, is the most beautiful spot in the city and you must definitely spend several hours here during the day and night. This square is very beautiful and if you have to see only one sight from the city of Wroclaw, then this is definitely the main square.

Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist

 The Cathedral of St. John The Baptist is located northeast of the city, very close to the city center, right next to the river Oder. This 13th century church was destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt immediately after its end. The church is open daily from 06:30-19:00.

Botanical Garden

In the botanical garden of Wrocław you can find plenty of different plants, sculptures in landscaped gardens, and a beautiful lake. It is a nice place to walk and relax from the city center in a very short distance.

Tumski Bridge

This beautiful bridge connects the center of Wrocław to the northeastern side of the city. On the bridge you will see the classic locks, that you can find on several bridges in many european cities. From the most scenic spots of Wroclaw that definitely worth visiting.

Nearby Excursions

Wrocław has not the ideal geographical location, as it is relatively far from the most beautiful cities of Poland, which are of course Krakow (270 km), Warsaw (350 km) and Gdansk (550 km). As you can easily understand, it is not very easy to go for an one day excursion to these cities, but if you are planning to overnight, then Krakow is the ideal city in our opinion.

What To Eat

Polish cuisine has some very interesting things that definitely deserve a try. Pierogis are Polish pasta filled with ingredients such as meat, garlic, mushrooms and seasonal fruits, cottage cheese or boiled potatoes with fried onions, and are traditionally served during Christmas period. Goulash certainly comes from Hungary, but the Polish recipe is a little bit different. It is served in a ”bread pot” with potatoes and vegetables, while garnished with fried onion and peppers.

There are numerous restaurants in Wroclaw that serve traditional polish cuisine, but having tried 3 of them around the city center, they were nothing special to suggest to you.

How to move

Wroclaw is a big city, but most of the interesting sights are around the market square and the river. If you have the opportunity to stay in the city center near the main square, then one day is enough to see the most important sights of the city, without using any means of transport. The city center is very beautiful and you will not have any problems to move around on foot. Wrocław Airport is 13 km away from the city center and is easily accessible by bus or car. The ticket costs only 10 zloty per person and you can get it directly from the bus driver on boarding.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Wrocław as well as in almost all Polish cities is very cheap, actually from the lowest prices you can find all over Europe! Take advantage of the fact and try to stay close to the main market square, where most of the city’s attractions are located. A good double room in Wroclaw costs around 30-50 euros in the city center. You can make your reservations via Booking.com


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