Venice is built on an archipelago of 117 islands formed of 177 canals in a shallow lagoon, linked to 409 bridges. In the old center the canals used as roads and almost every mean of transport is in the water. Venice is the largest urban area in Europe without cars and the only one in Europe that is totally without cars.

Gondola is the trademark of Venice, although today it is mainly used for tourists, weddings, funerals, other ceremonies or for crossing the Grand canal in the absence of a nearby bridge. Venice is a very romantic, touristic city, unparalleled in time and it is one of the most important tourist destinations worldwide mainly for its architecture but also for its incredible beautiful landscape. The city is visited by an average of 50,000 tourists per day and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It manages to survive despite the fact that it is built on a series of muddy shores between Adriatic, while very few buildings have changed over the past 200 years!

What To See...

Rialto Bridge

Rialto is the most famous bridge in Venice and from here you can admire the stunning views of the Grand canal! Anytime of the day filled with tourists and is considered not unfairly one of the most beautiful places in Venice!

San Marco Square

It is the most beautiful and largest square in Venice. With St. Mark’s Basilica dominating at the end of it, it is definitely one of the top attractions of this beautiful city. Around the square there are some of the city’s finest cafes and restaurants and as it is normal, prices are much higher than the rest of Venice.

Bridge Of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs as it is called is one of Venice’s most famous sights and has been named after the sighs of the prisoners on their way to jail.

Grand Canal

Venice’s largest and most popular canal is full of classical buildings. It is the main waterway connecting the smaller Venice canals via the sea taxis. There is always a lot of traffic here because thousands of tourists pass the Grand Canal every day, which is then shared on the smaller canals and alleys of Venice.

Nearby Excursions

A very beautiful excursion if you are in Venice is the very picturesque island of Murano. Murano is traditionally well known for its glass industry and especially for the Murano crystals. Murano, located in the Venice Lagoon and considered an island, but more accurately, are some islands separated by narrow canals and connected by bridges, just like Venice itself, about 1.5 kilometer far. The Murano ticket costs 7 euros per person for one route. A good solution is to buy the ” Venice travel card ” which gives you for 18 euros unlimited use in all Venice vaporetto’s for 12 hours, so it’s a very affordable option. On the island you can visit the traditional glass processing shops, which are really amazing, but you can also walk in the narrow streets of the island and its canals.

What To Eat

The Italian cuisine, which is one of our favorites, is based mainly on pasta which is a real art in Italy. Of course, Venice is an incredibly touristic place and as you can see, in such a touristic place there are always food traps that obviously have nothing to do with real Italian cuisine. Our opinion for destinations like Venice is to follow the advice of a local and not just trust reviews from sites like trip advisor, etc. because it has been proven that many times the excellent reviews of some restaurants are not true and just made to attract customers more easily.

How to move

Venice is a city where you have no other choice but to walk, as there are no cars or available here. Discover the streets and enjoy the atmosphere of this truly unique city! An alternative way of traveling in Venice is the gondolas, which are an excellent choice to see the city and know its beautiful canals from a different perspective. The big disadvantage with the gondolas is their price because there are too expensive and they are not recommended for daily use but perhaps for a unique ride in the canals. The cost is 100 euros for only 40 minutes that the ride lasts…

Venice Airport is just a 15 minute drive away and is easily accessible from anywhere in the city by taxi or bus. If you still prefer the option to come by boat with your car, which in our opinion is totally unnecessary if you intend to stay only in Venice then you should leave it in the huge parking lot at the beginning of the city which is also quite expensive, 26-29 euros a day depending on the size of your car.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Venice is quite expensive, but the experience of staying in a hotel overlooking a canal is truly unique and it will remain for sure unforgettable to you! Choose a hotel that will preferably look at one of Venice’s countless canals and live this unique experience for once in a lifetime! A decent double room overlooking a canal will cost you around 100 euros per night and of course if your budget allows it there are some hotels at much higher prices which are much better. You can make your reservations via

Venice Through Our Eyes...

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