Toledo is a city in Spain and the capital of the province of Toledo, as well as the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha. It is centrally located in the country, 70 km from Madrid on the banks of the Tagus River. Since 1986, it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it has been the capital of the Spanish Empire and a powerful religious and cultural center in the past. It occupies a total area of 232 square kilometers and has a population of 75,578 inhabitants. The name of Toledo comes from the Latin name Toletum, which means, the city with the walls. The Gothic cathedral at the entrance of the city, built in the 6th century by Goya and Dominikos Theotokopoulos and also the famous fortress of Alcázar known as, a square building with towers that dominates the city. Previously this fort was the palace of the Kings of Castile. During the Middle Ages to the later years, Toledo was also an important center for the production of swords and other hand crafted artifacts.

It is the city of El Greco, the famous painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance. Dominikos Theotokopoulos, known by the Spanish name El Greco (who means the Greek) loved the city of Toledo, where he lived for many years. Toledo is a very beautiful city and is easily walked on foot as long as you have a map so you will not get lost in the narrow looking labyrinth alleys!

What To See...

Mirador Del Valee

From this point just outside the city you can admire the most beautiful views of Toledo. A panoramic view of the city with its main attractions dominating the scenery. This point is definitely the most beautiful spot to have a commemorative photo from Toledo!

Cathedral Of Santa Iglesia

Santa Iglesia Cathedral is located in the center of Toledo and dates back to 1227. A truly impressive building that you will surely find in front of you on one of your walks.


The fortress of Alcazar is a stone structure located at the highest point of Toledo and used as a Roman palace in the 3rd century. It is a truly imposing building of the 16th century and formerly fortified royal palace, which now houses a military museum.

Plaza Zocodover

Plaza Zocodover is the central square of Toledo, where you can find many shops and the touring train where you enjoy the city’s main sights. This square is also the meeting point for many activities as it is the largest and most famous one.

El Greco Museum

The El Greco Museum of the famous Greek Dominikos Theotokopoulos, who spent much of his life in Toledo, borned in Fodele of Crete, is today one of the most famous sights of Toledo. El Greco is one of the most important painters, sculptors and architects of the Spanish Renaissance. The museum opened in 1911 and is located in the Jewish district of Toledo. It operates daily from 09:30 until 18:30 and the entrance costs 3 euros per person.

Walk Around The City

Wander through the streets of this beautiful city and let yourself travel to another era! This city has a medieval aura and it will take you back to stories with knights and kings. In the afternoon where most touring groups leave the city, we recommend you to walk and really enjoy the city and the very special atmosphere it has.

Nearby Excursions

Toledo is located in an area, which has nothing special for a one day excursion, since it is quite far from other interesting parts of Spain and we would suggest you to enjoy this beautiful and really unique city. The nearest and relatively ‘good’ choice is that of Madrid by train where it is an easy option but not for a one day excursion, since Madrid is a huge city and quite indifferent in our oppinion compared to other major cities of Europe . The train from Toledo to Madrid costs about € 24 per person roundtrip and takes about 35 minutes.

What To Eat

There are too many food shops in Toledo, as well as local delicacies for which it is famous for. A well known one is of course, the famous paella, a kind of rizotto that you will find in all cities of Spain. Because Toledo is a very touristy city there is always the risk of falling into food traps, so we would suggest you that to avoid the many touristic shops in the center because they are too expensive but also they usually offer very poor quality food. Unfortunately, we had two very bad experiences and we would like to protect you from getting into something similar. Our advice is to ask locals to guide you on food because sometimes even the reviews we find on pages like Trip Advisor are not always true and we may eat something mediocre or even worse, very bad, which is not good for our mood and our wallet too.

Toledo is also famous for the well known Marzipan which can be found in almost every corner of the city and most of them are of very good quality. Marzipan is a kind of almond paste which you will find it in the shape of small sweet pieces but it is very common to use it as a spread on cakes and various sweets.

How to move

Toledo is a relatively small town with narrow streets, something that making it extremely difficult to drive the city by car. Our suggestion if you have a car is to leave it in a parking lot at the entrance of the city and just walk on foot around, so you will get rid of the stress and you will enjoy it much better. The nearest airport is Madrid and is 87 km away from Toledo (about 60 minutes by car).

Where to stay

Accommodation in Toledo is relatively cheap, since a nice double room in the city center starts at 40 Euros and can reach 100-120 Euros for 3-4 star hotels with breakfast. We stayed at the Hostal Palacios which was in a very good location in the city center and it was much more than decent for the 44 Euro Per night we paid. You can make your reservations via

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