Alesund is a city and municipality in the Møre and Romsdal region of Norway. It is known for its distinctive Art Nouveau architecture and is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in Norway! The city of Alesund as well as all the cities of Norway have an incredible standard of living that really few countries on the planet can not be jealous. In the city beyond its incredible beauty, prevail absolute order andv an incredible tranquility, despite the city has 47,000 inhabitants. The main attractions of the city are of course the characteristic center with the Art Nouveau buildings and the Aksla Hill, which offers a breathtaking view of the city and the northern sea. 

Alesund is also the ideal city to start your tours to some of Norway’s most famous and beautiful fjords such as Geirangerfjord and of course the unimaginable natural beauty landscape that the whole country offers to the traveler who will visit it. The Norwegian currency is the Norwegian Crown and 10 Norwegian Crowns equals to 1.05 Euro . For the latest updated exchange rates visit the XE Currency Converter page.

What To See...

Aksla Hill

It is the most beautiful spot in the city and from here after a short walk through the beautiful park and climbing just 418 steps leading here, you will find yourself in front of one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see in your life, especially if we think we are in a relatively large Norwegian city and not in a fjord! From this location there are panoramic views of the archipelago, the beautiful city center and the amazing Sunnmøre Alps. Surely if you have to visit only one place in Alesund then this is definitely the Aksla Hill!

Alesund City Center

The city center of Alesund is a real gem with its small beautiful harbor and the characteristic Art Nouveau buildings that are a trademark of this wonderful city. Walk in the alleys around the harbor and just admire how a perfect city should look like!

Alesund Port

Walk around the port of Alesund and admire the unique view that offers you in every step you take. From every corner the city has something beautiful to offer you, just take advantage of it!

Nearby Excursions

The city of Alesund is located in a very good geographical location, and within a short distance are some of Norway’s most beautiful fjords. Our suggestion if you find yourself in Alesund and want to make a short trip is of course the incredible Geirangerfjord! Just 108 km from Alesund and in two hours you can find yourself in one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords through an incredible route. We will discuss about Geiranger in detail in another article, as the activities you can do around it are too many. The ideal scenario would be to spend at least one night in Geiranger, although the village is very small, there are infinite spots that will leave you speechless.

Another great excursion and relatively close is the Troll Valley and the Trollstingen! The famous and multi photographed Trollstingen is two hours away from Alesund and about 124 km. The scenery in this valley has almost made us believe in the myths built by the Norwegians, as the valley and the surrounding mountains with their very unique shape seem to be a scenery from another planet! From the specially shaped platform you can enjoy a great view of the valley and the characteristic road that crosses her.

What To Eat

The problem in Norway is a very important one! Better title would therefore be the survival guide on the topic of food rather than what to try! Luckily for us, Scandinavian cuisine is based on fish and on things that are not our favorites, and so we can not say that we were jealous something special in Norway in our 15 day trip. Of course there are very good restaurants that you can eat mainly in big cities but you have to be prepared to spend a huge amount of money! Prices throughout Norway are simply unrealistic! So high that if we ate 15 times in a restaurant it would cost us more than our entire trip for 15 nights, tickets and car rental!

In a separate article we will mention how it is possible to go on a small budget in a country that has prohibitive prices on food and accommodation without deprive anything and have a great time like we did. Some indicative prices in normal restaurants that we saw and just left as fast as we could was for example 30-40 euros for a simple main dish such as pasta or a burger, or 20 euros for an appetizer and goes on and on … Someone who is eating a lot like us have no choice to go on a restaurant in Norway everyday because it will be catastrophic for his budget!

How to move

To see the incredible beauties of Norway car rental is almost a must, as well as the transportation by train bus etc. are at the same high price levels as food and accommodation. Luckily, to move in Alesund, you will not need any means of transport, as it is a pretty small town and too friendly to walk. All of the city’s main attractions are within walking distance and you will not have any difficulties to see everything in a few hours.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Norway is also on extreme economic levels, especially within city centers and very close to famous attractions. Hotels prices usually start from 150-200 euros per night for a double room, so if your budget allows it you can do it of course. Because our own budget obviously did not allow it, fortunately for us there is a great option with the traditional houses that really have everything inside, like, refrigerator, kitchen, kitchen utensils and in general everything a normal house has except from the bathroom and toilet that is usually shared .

These accommodations are out of the big cities but they are located in superb locations like forests, next to lakes, waterfalls, and most importantly, they cost 1/4 of the price of a hotel room! You can make your reservations via

Alesund Through Our Eyes...

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