Rome is the largest city and capital of Italy. According to Roman mythology, it was founded in 753 BC. from Remo and Romilos, the twin brothers raised by a wolf that is a symbol of the city. The historic city covers an area of 1,287.36 sq. km and has 2.874,605 permanent residents. It is undoubtedly a city with a rich history and has excelled in science, culture and arts. Rome has been characterized as the eternal city, as it has preserved for centuries its numerous ancient monuments, from its founding until today. The beauty of the city is complemented by the Tiber river which flows about 5 km across Rome.

What To See...

St. Peters Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is a magnificent Renaissance temple, built above the burial site of Apostle Peter. St. Peter’s Basilica, is the largest church in the world. In front of the imposing temple is St. Peter’s Square which is surrounded by 284 columns creating two semicircles. On this square, thousands of people from all over the world wait patiently to enter the church. The queue although is huge, passing quite fast, while you see the architectural details that adorn the facade of the magnificent St. Peter’s Basilica, which was undertaken by major architects of the time. Entrance is free to the public, and all that is required is decent clothing due to the sacred place.

Vatican Museum

One of the world’s best museums is the Vatican Museum. The museum for centuries exhibits remarkable historical significance of the Roman Catholic Church. Every day thousands of visitors visit the museum to admire the Sistine Chapel with the magnificent frescoes of great Renaissance artists, ancient Greek and Roman statues, large collections of famous paintings, stamps,  and coins. It is worth spending a few hours traveling back many centuries ago through the rich history of this museum. Entry costs 17 euros per person for and 8 euros for the reduced.

Castel Sant' Angelo

A few meters from the Vatican, on the west bank of the Tiber river, lies the castle of Sant’Angelo. This cylindrical building was originally constructed as a mausoleum of the Roman Emperor Hadrian but over the centuries it has changed several uses. Castel Sant’Angelo was once a fortress, a Papal residence, a military prison and now a museum. The ticket costs 7.50 euros and is worth a late afternoon visit to admire Rome’s most beautiful sunset.

Piazza Navona

Navona Square is one of Rome’s most beloved for romantic walks. Three famous, very beautiful fountains adorn the square. The square hosts talented artists who paint portraits and caricatures within minutes. The square is surrounded by beautiful baroque buildings, restaurants, cafes and shops with souvenirs or traditional products. Do not forget to visit Navona Square late at night when everything is calm and atmospheric.


Pantheon is located in Piazza de la Rotonda. It is the largest Roman monument preserved in time. Originally constructed for the deities of ancient Rome, it was later converted into a Christian temple and today is a historic monument of remarkable architecture. It is visited daily by tourists from all over the world to admire the interior and especially the huge dome with an inner diameter of 43.3 meters.

Piazza Di Spagna

The beautiful squares of Rome are neverending! Rome’s most famous and impressive square is Piazza di Spagna. The square is connected to the Trinita Dei Monti Church, which stands high on the hill. After climbing the 135 steps you can admire the magnificent views and notice how elegant the whole area is.

Fontana Di Trevi

No visit to Rome is complete without a stop to the famous baroque Fontana di Trevi. The fountain of the three roads, as its name implies, is 25.9 meters high and 19.8 meters wide. Every figure you see on the facade has a symbolic character. Famous sculptors Giovanni Battista and Pietro Bracci, starring the mythical god of the sea Poseidon, created with their sculptures an impressive building. They also say that if you drop a coin, all the wishes come true … you have to try.


Finally it is time to relax from the endless museums and history. Nothing is better than a stroll through the paved alleys of authentic Rome… Well, on the west bank of Tiber is the most beautiful neighborhood in the city. If you are not a romantic guy, you will definitely change your mind. To really get to know the Trastevere area you have to wander around without a map, get lost in the endless picturesque streets, and feel like you’re in the most beautiful romantic movie setting. Beautiful old buildings with climbing plants, traditional restaurants and cafes will enchant you on a romantic journey.


The historic Roman amphitheater was built in 80 AD. and its capacity was 65,000. The Colosseum is next to the Roman market and is thus a very popular place for tourists as many historical monuments are located in a short radius. It was once a place for Christian martyrs, but also for spectacular shows such as fights between wild animals and humans. Today the Colosseum is one of the most popular tourist attractions of modern Rome. The ticket costs 12 euro per person for adults and 7.50 euros reduced for EU residents from 18 to 25 years.

Vittorio Emanuelle Monument

A few meters below Piazza Venezia is located a monument in honor of Vittorio Emmanuele, the first king of unified Italy. This building is truly one of the most impressive in Rome and we highly recommend you to visit it.

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum is located in the center of Rome. It is a square surrounded by the ruins of many important ancient buildings that were necessary for the functioning of the government. It was the center of everyday life in the city of Rome. In today’s Forum you will find archaeological excavations that attract at least 4.5 million visitors each year. The entrance ticket to the Forum also allows you access to the Colosseum and Palatine Hill and is valid for 2 days. Adults pay 12 euros, EU citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 pay 7.50 euros, and teens under 18 and disabled people can visit the Forum for free.


Campidoglio is located on one of Rome’s seven hills and was built in the 16th century by Michaelangelo. In front of the building there is a magnificent square where in the center stands the statue of Marcus Aurelius, one of the 5 good emperors of Rome.

Villa Borghese

North of Piazza di Spagna is located the largest public park in Rome. A very pleasant park to relax from the city’s fast pace. In addition to well-maintained gardens, fountains and lakes, there are wonderful museums and galleries to visit. It is definitely an opportunity for a small break from the city center.

Nearby Excursions

If you are a fan of Rome and have been there more than 2-3 times, we have a great nearby excursion for the next time. Tivoli is just 30 km from Rome and you can get there by car or train. In this magnificent countryside the wealthy Romans built their cottages. Apart from the natural beauty you will enjoy surely, what will impress you the most are the well maintained villas, the beautiful gardens and the lush parks. It is worth walking around the old town and getting lost in its alleys. Somewhere there you will surely find traditional cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy some unique Italian flavors.

What To Eat

One of Italy’s most famous dishes is the famous spaghetti carbonara. A very popular dish that is known throughout the world, but it is often not made in the traditional way, that is also the best in our opinion. The original carbonara is made with eggs, hard cheese, bacon and pepper. In Italy it is generally quite difficult to find a restaurant that does not serve good spaghetti carbonara, especially in Rome, where it is the origin of this dish. Having tried this particular dish in many restaurants we think that the best we had was at Ristochicco restaurant. We are pretty sure that it will be a real experience and you will never forget it!

Italians do not just make the best pasta in the world but also the best ice cream! Italian Gelato is really something that stands out from all the ice creams you can try in many parts of the world. With its distinctive texture, the ”true” flavours, Italian ice cream is the best you can try if you are an ice cream lover! In Italy you will find lots of gelaterias that make excellent ice cream and certainly none of them will not disappoint you. After hundreds of tests in different Italian cities in the best gelaterias, the best we have ever tried is the ice cream of Gelateria Della Palma in Rome! This gelateria behind the Pantheon serves the best ice cream in Rome for 40 years! If you overcome the panic and manage to choose among the 150 different flavors, that are available here, then you can enjoy the best ice cream you have ever eaten! Whatever taste you choose is 100% sure that it will leave you completely satisfied.

How to move

Rome has the smallest metro network across Europe, just three metro lines, but they will serve you immensely. We recommend this way if time presses you and you want to visit the monuments of Rome very quick. Our opinion, of course, is to walk around the city as you will know every corner of it and feel like a local. In general, car use is not advisable as parking is a major problem especially in the center. However, if you want, you can rent a vespa but with a lot of attention due to the huge traffic of the city.

Rome has two airports, Ciampino and Fiumicino. Fiumicino is one of Italy’s busiest airports. From Fiumicino a very cheap way to get to the center of Rome is the bus which costs only 4 euros per person and lasts 1 hour. Ciampino only serves low cost flights. In addition to taxis that can be rented but are quite expensive, you will also find buses from private companies for 4-6 euros and reach the city center easily. Due to the high traffic we would recommend you to buy your tickets online to avoid long queues.

Where to stay

The most ideal places to stay in Rome are in Monti and Termini. Termini is the area where the central bus and train station are located and it will be a great choice if you wish to travel by these means of transport. The Monti area is one of the closest areas to famous sights and is a good starting point to explore the city. Both areas serve you equally well as you will find accommodation at a better price than the most other places in the center of Rome. This way you combine budget accommodation and ideal distance from major sights of the city. You can make your bookings via

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