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The Rhine Valley is located in West Germany and is one of the most beautiful places in the country. For two thousand years, it has been one of the major avenues of cultural exchange between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Along the Rhine you will see several Medieval castles proudly standing high above the river as well as hills full of vineyards and beautiful settlements. Indeed, the area is considered the epitome of romance! Below we will list some of the major small towns of central Rhine and many more.

What To See...


Bacharach is a beautiful picturesque town in the central Rhine Valley. It is located on the left bank of the beautiful Rhine Gorge. The hills are rich in vineyards, and the city is full of traditional wooden buildings and cobbled streets and is one of Germany’s best preserved medieval towns. Germany has many of these enchanting villages on the Rhine but the city of Bacharach is the only one that Victor Hugo describes as one of the “most beautiful cities in the world”. In the area you will find very good quality wine and we highly recommend you to try it, besides the beautiful view and the wine is probably one of the main reasons for tourists to visit the city.

Rüdesheim am Rhein

Rüdesheim am Rhein is one of the most picturesque towns and offers great hiking options in its mountains and magnificent views of the lush Rhine River Valley. Next to its extensive vineyards, the city’s rich cultural and historical background makes it one of the most interesting places to visit in the country. Rüdesheim is known all over the world as the small town with the big name. It is a romantic city with a strong wood element in construction, narrow streets and old inns that give the city a medieval character. The region has been attracting wine lovers from all over the world for centuries. Specifically on the Drosselgasse road every year, usually in spring and summer, wine events are held and more than 3 million visitors enjoy quality wine, music and dance.


Another town with castles and wine production is Oberwesel. From a distance the traveler on the Rhine recognizes the silhouette of Schönburg castle, the red church of Our Lady and the proud defensive wall with its numerous towers. The city’s great treasure is discovered at a glance and invites the visitor to get acquainted with the very intense medieval elements and beauty of Oberwesel that will truly travel you many centuries back. Discover the historic city center through the medieval wall, which was rebuilt to allow visitors to walk along it. Climb the Watchtower for incredible views of the Rhine Valley to capture your most beautiful photos. Also don’t forget to rent a bike and ride along the Rhine River.

Sankt Goar

In the heart of the Rhine Valley, this city is also famous for its ancient castles and vineyards. Sankt Goar is a beautiful town located on the west bank of the Rhine. Here you can visit the old churches and castles, as well as take in wonderful walks through the lush landscapes. At Sankt Goar you will find historic monuments on the streets of the small town center. Among them are the Stiftskirche Sankt Goar, the Sankt Goar Town Hall, and the Sankt Goar and Parish of St. Elizabeth. If you follow the trail uphill to the ruins of the Rheinfels Castle, dating from the 13th century, you will explore the courtyards, tunnels and browse the museum exhibits of life in the Rhine Valley.


Loreley is a vertical rocky side of 132 meters high and it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in the Upper Rhine Valley in St Goar, on the east, right side. Due to the steep curve it is one of the most dangerous parts of the Rhine for ships due to low visibility. Throughout the section between Oberwesel and St.Goarshausen, maritime traffic is regulated by light signals.


Boppard is located on the left bank of the Rhine, about 12 miles south of Koblenz. During the Middle Ages it was an important center of commerce and shipping. Boppard is a famous vacation destination in the Rhine Valley and promises to provide you with unique experiences. It is a picturesque city with beautiful streets and squares, colorful houses with beautiful pointed roofs and several vineyards offering the best Riesling wine. The area has healing baths and you can enjoy the healing properties of Bad Salzig which is a very pleasant way to relax on sunny or rainy days.


Located in southwestern Germany at the junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, Koblenz is the third largest city in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is a city that offers many activities that will fill you with many experiences. In the town of Koblenz you will admire magnificent churches, castles, palaces and historic mansions that betray the city’s antiquity and their timeless preservation. For museum lovers there is a wide range of subjects from 20th century French art to archaeological finds from different eras or even an interactive journey into the world of Romanticism. In this city you will also find Germany’s first three persons cable car that offers you a magical journey over the Rhine to the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Europe’s second-largest intact fortress, offering an unparalleled view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. ” Upper Middle Rhine Valley ”.


The town of Andernach is just 20 km north of Koblenz. Andernach is indeed one of the most beautiful German cities we have visited. It has about 30,000 inhabitants and is located towards the end of the Neuwied Basin on the left bank of the Rhine. A tour of the old center of Andernach in the beautiful picturesque streets will take you to numerous sites that reflect the history of centuries past. In this city you will find many important monuments and museums that will help you get to know another aspect of the city. Some of the highlights are Christuskirche, the city church that is a beautiful Gothic church, the Runder Turm the 56-meter-high round tower of the city, the Mariendom Cathedral with its magnificent interior decorations and many more. In addition to the many attractions you can enjoy many activities such as hiking, cycling along the Rhine or even romantic boat trips.

Nearby Excursions

Eltz Castle is a medieval castle located above the Moselle River hidden in a lush valley and is generally difficult to see it, which makes it even more magical since if you want to visit it the only way is to cross an incredible path through the dense forest, through a fairly easy trail. After you park your car in the parking lot just before the path leading to the castle, you will need to walk about 20 minutes to reach the castle’s entrance. Entrance to the castle costs 10 euros per person with a guided tour and free of charge for all outdoor areas.

About an hour from the Rhine Valley you will find yourself in the most romantic part of the Moselle Valley, the town of Cochem. Cochem itself is an attraction worth seeing, not only for its narrow, picturesque alleys, but also for its medieval atmosphere. You can enjoy another view of the city by walking along the Moselle River which is decorated with flowers and where many benches invite you for a quiet break. An additional attraction is a boat tour of the river either during the day or at night with music and dancing, when the castle and city lights are reflected in the water.

What To Eat

The Rhine region is renowned for producing unique quality wine, so don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of the many varieties that you will find at a restaurant catalog. In all the cities along the Rhine region, there are wine bars where you can accompany your favorite local wine with a variety of cheeses.

In most of the restaurants we visited, we came across a wide selection of traditional local dishes such as pork knuckle or beer sauce with dumblings and sauerkraut. In addition to German cuisine you will also find restaurants with Italian, Greek and Turkish cuisine that are also very good.

How to move

Access to the central part of the Rhine Valley is easy enough whether you choose to rent a car or use another means. If you want our opinion, the car is the right choice as it allows you to be more flexible with your schedule. Within two and a half hours, there are 2 major German cities, Bonn and Frankfurt. So by choosing one of the two cities for your flight, you can easily get there by train, bus or car.

Where to stay

The area has several traditional hotels, some housed in old houses or even castles specially designed to accommodate the visitors. Their decoration is mainly made up of restored furniture and other objects, which create the feeling that you are centuries back in time. Prices for a castle stay are a bit high, which means they are around 200-300 euros per night, but it is truly a unique experience that you have to live at least once in your life. If your wallet does not allow you this type of accommodation, then you can choose from many noteworthy fully equipped hotels that cost between 70-90 euros per night. You can make your bookings via Booking.com


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