Best Food Experiences Over The World


Best Food Experiences Over The World

A beautiful journey is made up of beautiful memories in different places around the world, with different cultures and of course different tastes. Food at least on our own trips is a key element that can easily make a trip unforgettable or simply go by unnoticed. Below we will mention some special foods that we have tasted on our trips around the world and impressed us. Some of the tastes we will refer below are purely traditional and some of them are simply delicious and we think it worthwhile to try some of them if you find yourself in one of those countries. So let’s take a  look at the 22 foods and desserts that we chose to present you and tell you more details about them.

“Food at least on our own trips is a key element that can easily make a trip unforgettable.”

Spaghetti Carbonara

One of Italy’s most famous dishes is the famous spaghetti carbonara. A very popular dish that is known throughout the world, but it is often not made in the traditional way, that is also the best in our opinion. The original carbonara is made with eggs, hard cheese, bacon and pepper. The cheese used is usually Pecorino Romano or Parmesan cheese. Spaghetti is the usual pasta, but also Fettucine, Rigattoni, Linguine or Bucatini are also common.

In Italy it is generally quite difficult to find a restaurant that does not serve good spaghetti carbonara, especially in Rome, where it is the origin of this dish. Having tried this particular dish in many restaurants we think that the best we had was at Ristochicco restaurant.  We are pretty sure that it will be a real experience and you will never forget it!

Country: Italy

Where: Ristochicco Restaurant (Rome)

Carbonara Rome
Spaghetti Carbonara at Ristochicco Restaurant in Rome


Is there anyone who has not dreamed how the perfect cheesecake tastes? We have the answer and this is The Cheesecake Factory!!! There are many variations for this dessert that has fans around the world, including ourselves. United States is the perfect place to try out some of the best desserts you’ve ever eaten, and especially The Cheesecake Factory has been by far the tastiest we’ve ever tried. The combinations that you will find here are so many that obviously a single visit is not enough to try them all.

Country: United States

Where: The Cheesecake Factory (Various locations)

Oreo Cheesecake Factory
Oreo Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory


If you are looking for a perfect winter dish, along with a glass of wine with your friends and family, then this is definitely Fondue! Fondue is one of our favorite dishes and one of the most memorable food experiences we have ever had in our trips. A purely Swiss dish that is served in a heated pot, as the cheeses melt in it. Fondue is eaten using the special long forks and sinking the pieces of bread into it. The result is one of the most delicious and most enjoyable dishes you can taste in your life, especially during the winter season. After many visits to various Swiss restaurants which serving this traditional dish, the best was by far at the Raclette Stube restaurant in the center of Zurich and we highly recommend you to visit it.

Country: Switzerland

Where: Raclette Stube (Zurich)

Cheese Fondue Zurich
Cheese Fondue at Raclette Stube Zurich

Wiener Schnitzel

Schnitzel is usually made of pieces of meat that, after being hit by a wooden hammer, are poured and fried in oil. Meat usually comes from beef or pork. In Austrian cuisine, there is probably no dish more characteristic than Wiener Schnitzel. You can eat of course schnitzels in many countries all over the world, as it is nowadays on of the most well known dishes and is considered also a safe choice for most customers in many restaurants.

We are pretty sure that many of you have tried good Schnitzels in many different parts of the world and especially in countries such as Germany, Austria and generally in Central Europe. After really having lots of Schnitzels all over the world, the one that remains on top of our list and we believe that it is surely worth a try, is the authentic Viennese Schnitzel at the Figlmüller Restaurant in the center of Vienna. The reputation of this reastaurant was confirmed in the best way and the taste of this particular Schnitzel was something really unique!

Country: Austria 

Where: Figlmüller Restaurant (Vienna)

Wiener Schnitzel
Wiener Schnitzel at Figlmüller Restaurant in Vienna


Kaiserschmarrn is a traditional dish of Austria but you will also find it in the Bavarian region in Germany and in Tyrol in Northern Italy. It is considered as an ideal breakfast and it was first prepared for King Franz Joseph I, from where got its name. Kaiserschmarrn is a fluffy caramelized pancake, made from flour, eggs, sugar, salt and milk, cooked in butter. Kaiserschsmarrn is usually accompanied by apple sauce or other fruit jams, raisins, walnuts or almonds and powdered sugar. If you find yourself in the Austrian Alps region or in Bavaria, then definitely give a try to this delicious dish!

Country: Austria-Germany-Italy

Where: Various Locations



Mandelbulle is an incredible pastry that you will find in several bakeries, especially in Scandinavian countries. Mandelbulle is based on almond, as it is made from almond cream, butter, eggs, cinnamon and milk. Its texture is incredibly soft and it  is something between a very soft biscuit and a sweet bread stuffed with almond paste. It impressed us so much, that we visited the same bakery, everyday for four days on our trip to Stockholm. You can taste the best version of Mandelbulle in the incredible Brod & Salt Bageri in several spots in the center of Stockholm. Do not miss to try it, as it is really amazing!

Country: Sweden

Where: Brod & Salt Bageri (Stockholm)

Mandelbulle at Brod & Salt Bageri in Stockholm

Macaroni And Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a classic American dish and you will find it in almost all restaurants that serve American cuisine. The main ingredients are the macaroni with the characteristic shape, cheese that is usually cheddar and bacon. All of them baked in the oven and they create one of the most delicious comfort foods of American cuisine, but also one of the fattiest! We ate this dish in several restaurants on our trip to New York, but the one that stood out was in the Heartland Brewery in downtown Manhattan.

Country: United States

Where: Heartland Brewery (New York)

Macaroni And Cheese At Heartland Brewery

Triple By Pass Burger

The Heart Attack Grill is an American hamburger restaurant  in downtown Las Vegas and has the reputation of serving the most unhealthy burgers all over the world. Just from curiosity and due to the excellent marketing that the restaurant has, we have been there without high expectations, but the outcome was completely different from what we expected. In Heart Attack Grill there are certain rules you should follow if you want to visit it. You can order any of the huge burgers, but if you can not finish it, then the waiters who are dressed as nurses will pick you up in the center of the restaurant and slap your ass hard with a wooden plank! The second rule that you have to follow, is to wear the typical patient robe in the entrance. We tried the famous 10,000 calories (Quadruple Bypass Burger) and fortunately we managed to eat it! The Heart Attack Grill burger was delicious and it is easily among the three best burgers we have tasted so far in our life all over the world and it is definitely worth a try!

Country: United States

Where: Heart Attack Grill (Las Vegas)

Heart Attack Grill Burger Las Vegas
Quadruple Bypass Burger at Heart Attack Grill

Caramel Pecanbon

Most of you will know already the classic Cinnamon Roll that is famous in the US and you can find it mainly in bakeries and at the Cinnabon chain stores around the world. Caramel Pecanbon is perfecting the already awesome Cinnamon Roll, which is basically a fluffy cinnamon bread with Pecans and caramel frosting! If we take a look back at the tastiest things we have ever eaten in our lives, Caramel Pecanbon will definitely be in the top five! Visit the closest Cinnabon in many countries and enjoy with no remorse …

Country: Various Countries

Where: Various Locations (Cinnabon)

Caramel Pecanbon at Cinnabon

Ben's Cookies

If you are cookie lovers like us, then you will definitely have a hard time to try out better biscuits from Ben’s Cookies! With lots of stores in the UK in several major cities, surely they have to be on the list of what you should definitely try! Try some of the unbelievable flavours like, chocolate-peanut butter, raisins-oats, milk chocolate with nuts and generally as many as you can! They are all amazing!

Country: United Kingdom

Where: Various Locations (Ben’s Cookies)

Ben's Cookies London
Ben's Cookies

Italian Gelato

Italians do not just make the best pasta in the world but also the best ice cream! The Italian Gelato is really something that stands out from all the ice creams you can try in many parts of the world. With its distinctive texture, the ”true” flavours, Italian ice cream is the best you can try if you are an ice cream lover! In Italy you will find lots of gelaterias that make excellent ice cream and certainly none of them will not disappoint you. After hundreds of tests in different Italian cities in the best gelaterias, the best we have ever tried is the ice cream of Gelateria Della Palma in Rome! This gelateria behind the Pantheon serves the best ice cream in Rome for 40 years! If you overcome the panic and manage to choose among the 150 different flavors, that are available here, then you can enjoy the best ice cream you have ever eaten! Whatever taste you choose is 100% sure that it will leave you completely satisfied.

Country: Italy

Where: Gelateria Della Palma (Rome)

Italian Gelato at Gelateria Della Palma in Rome


Spätzle is a handmade type of pasta made from eggs, flour, salt and usually served with melted cheeses and fried onions. This dish can be found mainly in Central Europe, in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Northern Italy. Spätzle can easily ordered as a side dish, but you can also order it as a main dish. It is delicious and very fatty too!

Country: Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Italy

Where: Various Locations



Currywurst is a 100% German food and is considered a very good and cheap option for someone who wants to eat something fast. Currywurst is a pork sausage sliced into smaller pieces with lots of ketchup and curry. It is usually served with french fries and is considered one of the best street foods you can taste, something which we totally agree…

Country: Germany

Where: Various Locations


Clinton St. Pancakes

Surely you all know pancakes, that have many fans all over the world from all ages. We tried the most authentic American pancake in New York at St. Clinton’s Bakery and left us completely speechless. These pancakes can not be compared to any other we have eaten until today and it really worths the one hour waiting to be sitting. Pancakes were extremely fluffy and their taste was simply out of this world! Try the pancakes with blueberries and maple syrup on top… No comments!

Country: United States

Where: St. Clinton’s Bakery (New York)

Blueberry Pancakes at St. Clinton's Bakery

Stuffed Potato

An awesome idea for street food, very cheap but also with incredible taste is the stuffed potato, which you can find in various places in several countries, since it is not a traditional dish of Poland. The stuffed potato we tried at Bar Pod Ryba in the center of Gdansk is not compared to any of the other similar stuffed potatoes we have tried on our trips. A truly incredible taste, very rich in ingredients and a huge variety to choose from, it was a fantastic choice and something special also. If you find yourself in the city of Gdansk, do not miss the chance to visit this wonderful restaurant and try the tastiest stuffed potato you have ever eaten!

Country: Poland

Where: Bar Pod Ryba (Gdansk)

Stuffed Potato at Bar Pod Ryba in Gdansk


Rösti is a traditional Swiss dish consisting mainly of grated potatoes, which are usually mixed with various cheeses and bacon that are all fried together in butter. The final form of Rösti looks a lot like an omelette and is an incredibly tasty dish that you should definitely try if you ever been in Switzerland.

Country: Switzerland

Where: Various Locations



Trdelnik is a sweet pastry, that one can meet in countries mainly in Central Europe such as Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria. This awesome sweet, is a dough that has a characteristic cylinder shape and is baked in the unique ovens in the stores which serve it. Outside the dough is very crispy and very fluffy in the inside, with very intense flavour. Trdelnik can be tasted in different variations such as the classic one, with melted sugar and cinnamon, chocolate filled, grated coconut, or even with ice cream! It is very likely to find Trdelnik in open air markets or in central locations in major cities.

Country: Czech Republic-Hungary-Slovakia-Austria

Where: Various Locations


Ragu alla Bolognese

Ragu alla Bolognese is a very popular Italian dish from Bologna, as we can easily understand by its name. The traditional bolognese that we tried on our trip to Bologna was made from thick minced beef, served on tagliatelle, which is the pasta that the traditional Bolognese served. Stunning taste and surely in Bologna know how to prepare it, so you definitely have to try it!

Country: Italy 

Where: Bologna 

Ragu alla Bolognese


Goulash is a traditional dish of Central Europe and you will find it mainly in countries like Hungary and Poland. The main ingredient of this dish is beef, which is cut into small pieces and flavoured with many spices, most of which is paprika. You will find Goulash in different variations, but having tried most of them, we will suggest you the Polish version that we think it is the best. The restaurant that we ate the best Goulash is located in the center of Krakow and is Morskie Oko. This particular version of Goulash was served on a delicious potato pancake with grated cheese and it was really amazing! Such a great traditional restaurant that you should visit!

Country: Poland

Where: Morskie Oko (Krakow)

Polish Goulash at Morskie Oko restaurant in Krakow


Schneeballen, or snowballs in English, is a crisp round dough ball, known in southern Germany. Its taste resembles a biscuit, and its classic version is sprinkled with white sugar. We will suggest you to try also the other options, with various different chocolate toppings, nuts or even coconut. A delicious treat that you will never forget! You can taste it in one of the older stores in Rothenburg, that is called Diller.

Country: Germany

Where: Diller (Rothenburg ob der Tauber)

Schneeballen at Diller In Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Paella is a Spanish dish with basic ingredient the white rice, combined with various other ingredients such as vegetables, chicken, shrimps and many other. The form of traditional Paella reminds of risotto and is a very tasty dish when it is well made. Paella is considered to be the national dish of Spain and of course you must definitely try it!

Country: Spain

Where: Various Locations


Levain Cookies

Levain Bakery in New York has definitely the most delicious cookies we’ve ever eaten! Close to Central Park, this famous bakery bake cookies since 1994 and it is one of the most famous in the city. We went there to check if they are really so tasty and in fact they were shocking! They are huge in size and you will certainly not be able to eat more than 2, so we suggest you taste the chocolate-peanut butter and the oatmeal-raisins flavours. No words to describe them!

Country: United States

Where: Levain Bakery (New York)

New York Cookies Levain
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies at Levain Bakery

These are some of the best foods and desserts that we have tried so far on our trips and of course this list could be much bigger. We will be glad to share with us and suggest your own food experiences from your trips. Enjoy!

Stelios Darakis

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