Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is located in the central part of the country. It is one of the largest cities in Slovenia and is known for its vibrant life and the quality of life that offers. Residents and visitors from all over the world enjoy this city that is so friendly to them. The beautiful pedestrianized center of Ljubljana does not allow cars, so pedestrians and cyclists can safely and freely explore the city. Although it is so friendly, it has everything the rest of Europe’s big capitals have, such as large parks, a wide variety of shops, luxury hotels, restaurants and cafés. Below we will analyze some of the sights we highly recommend to visit and many more.

What To See...

Ljubljana Castle

Above the old town, at 375 meters, you will see the castle of Ljubljana from the 16th century. The outside of the castle is open to all visitors but if you wish to visit the castle inside you will need to purchase your ticket which costs 10 euros. Ljubljana Castle offers many cultural, historical and leisure events throughout the year. Access to the castle can be done in many ways, by bicycle, either by bus and a 10 minute walk, or by using the cable car to reach the hill quickly and comfortably. Whichever way you choose, the only sure thing is that the view is worth more than you can imagine.

Town Square

Town square is located in the old town in front of the town hall and you will surely pass by several times. This part of town is the most central and picturesque. The square is surrounded by medieval buildings and a fountain, built in 1751 by the Italian sculptor Francesco Robba and is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Enjoy your strolls in the cobbled streets late at night when many tourists are gone and feel like traveling back in time.

Triple Bridge

The beautiful triple bridge over the Ljubanica River connects the old medieval city center with the new modern city. Its construction in its current form was completed in 1932 and replaced an older, wooden bridge. Thanks to the talent of architect Joze Plecnik, Ljubljana has another architectural jewel that the country is particularly proud of.

Tivoli Park

In the city center you will find one of the largest and most beautiful parks. A public park full of tall trees, flower beds, statues and fountains. It is a 5 square kilometer green area where you will enjoy leisurely walks and get away from the city’s fast pace. Tivoli Park is also particularly popular for the many photography exhibitions it hosts throughout the year. Spend a few hours of your day exploring the quiet trails of this very beautiful park.

Congress Square

Congress Square is one of Ljubljana’s most central and important historical squares and is an ideal place for concerts and national celebrations. The square is surrounded by impressive sights and historical monuments, so it is an opportunity for every visitor to enjoy a few moments of relaxation between guided tours and endless walks.

Church of the Annunciation

In the heart of the old town is a beautiful pink building that will surely attract your attention. Of course, we are referring to the church located on Preseren Square, next to the triple bridge. The church, both externally and internally, is equally impressive, as great painters and sculptors of the 19th century curated carefully its decoration. The Church of the Annunciation is of great historical value and is a national monument of Slovenia.

Cobblers Bridge

The magnificent Cobbler Bridge was built by architect Jože Plečnik and connects the old with the new city. It was named after the many shoemakers who had a lab at those times. Its construction is made of artificial stone and the distinctive appearance of the Cobbler Bridge is due to the different size its columns.

Nearby Excursions

At a distance of about 60 kilometers, about 40  minutes by car, you will find yourself in a dreamy lake where thousands of tourists from all over the world visit it every year. Lake Bled is the main attraction in the country as the beauty you will find here is really unique. We advise you to leave the car in the large parking lot that you will meet when you reach the lake, and then start your walk from one end to the other. There are also some short hikes, which if you can climb some hills you will admire the view from above. The scenery is just magical! From the 12th century the castle of the lake stands proudly high on a cliff. Just next to the lake is a small island that hosts from the 16th century, the picturesque chapel that is visited daily by tourists using the traditional wooden boats. The surrounding peaks of the Alps (Julian Alps) really make up a fairytale landscape.

A little further from Lake Bled, about 90 kilometers from Ljubljana is Lake Bohinj. A green oasis in Slovenia’s Triglav National Park. Ideal place for hiking, biking, horse riding, boating and swimming! Many people visit the lake in summer for summer vacations. A characteristic point is the stone bridge and the medieval church of St. John the Baptist, which compose an more romantic scenery of the turquoise lake.

What To Eat

Slovenia has a very long tradition in its cuisine and especially in its pastries. Unfortunately, due to limited time we didn’t managed to taste many things. Kremna Rezina, one of Slovenia’s traditional sweets, is simply an unforgettable experience! It is perfect for vanilla lovers and it is made from whipped cream, vanilla cream and two very thin crisp pastry layers. A light creamy vanilla flavor that melts in your mouth, overlooking Lake Bled, is something we highly recommend.

For lunch we chose the Sarajevo ’84 restaurant in the center of Ljubljana, which serves traditional Bosnian cuisine. All of our choices were delicious and very affordable. The staff is very kind and the food is excellent.

How to move

Getting around in the city by car is a really difficult task. Continuous increased traffic does not favor the use of a car or a bus. So your best option is to park the car in the hotel, if it is in a short distance from the center, and by walking or cycling you will reach the center and the old town without having to worry for nothing. Ljubljana Airport is about 20 minutes drive (25 km) from the city center by car and is very easily accessible.

Where to stay

If you are traveling to Ljubljana by car we recommend staying a bit outside the city center, as parking is quite expensive and accommodation too. You can book a room within a short distance from the center so you do not need to use your car. Prices do not change significantly outside the city center, of course. We noticed that the hotels are quite expensive, so for a budget stay of up to 50 euros per night, we recommend you rooms with shared bathroom and parking. Generally prices for a decent clean room range from 40 to 120 euros per night. You can make your reservations via Booking.com


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