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The Julian Alps range extends from northeast Italy to Slovenia.  Triglav is the highest mountain in the Julian Alps where it is located in Slovenia and is 2,864 meters high while the second highest mountain is Jôf di Montasio, which is 2,775 meters high and is located in Italy. The high peak of Triglav, in the center of Slovenia’s national park of the same name, will impress you. Around the area you will find beautiful places of interest that will wake up your romantic side. Let’s start referring below, the most important places that we suggest and  we’ve particularly impressed.

What To See...

Kranjska Gora

It is a beautiful destination in Slovenia’s lush nature, where visitors have countless options for activities. Popular activities in the area are cycling, hiking and winter skiing. This area is the kingdom of the highest Slovenian peaks that seem to burst like giants in the dense forests. This area also has one of the most beautiful lakes we have ever been, the Lake Jasna. The reflections of the mountains in the crystal clear waters of the lake, create a magical feeling.  It consists of two interconnected artificial lakes at the confluence of the Greater Pisnica and Mala Pisnica rivers.  At this lake you can also enjoy fishing as it is a well known fishing area.

Soca Valley

Soca Valley is the perfect choice for those who love outdoor activities.  In summer, on the lush emerald Soča River you will find one of Europe’s most popular destinations. You will experience incredible adventures in the water like kayak and rafting, while discovering the untouched beauty of the canyons.  Those who prefer to go for a walk, will enjoy the mountain world and spectacular views of the Alps.  In addition to the many hikes you’ll be able to do, the place is also ideal for cyclists as there are route options with varying levels of difficulty. During the winter months the adventures do not stop, as you can go skiing at the international ski resort of Kanin and Sella Nevea, and also go for walks or sledding mountains, or even climb on the ice.  Adrenaline lovers will surely never get bored in Soča Valley.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is the main attraction in Slovenia as the beauty you will find here is really unique. We advise you to leave the car in the large parking lot that you will meet when you reach the lake, and then start your walk from one end to the other. There are also some short hikes, which if you can climb some hills you will admire the view from above. The scenery is just magical! From the 12th century the castle of the lake stands proudly high on a cliff. Just next to the lake is a small island that hosts from the 16th century, the picturesque chapel that is visited daily by tourists using the traditional wooden boats. The surrounding peaks of the Julian Alps really make up a fairytale landscape.

Vintgar Gorge

If you find yourself at  Lake Bled, don’t miss to visit the beautiful Vintgar Canyon.  About 4 kilometers away from the lake , there is the unspoiled nature of the Bled region, where you can enjoy the majestic scenery of the canyon. The Vintgar Canyon is 1.6 km long and was carved by the Radovna River.  It lies between the vertical walls of the Hom and Boršt hills, with huge waterfalls and rivers running along the trail leading to emerald pools. In order to cross the canyon, there are wooden bridges and paths connecting each side. The entrance to the canyon costs 15 euros for adults and  2 – 4 euros for children depending on the age. Even if the weather is good, you have to take care of your safety, it is a good idea having with you a raincoat and wearing non slip and waterproof shoes.

Lake Bohinj

A little further from Lake Bled, about 90 kilometers from Ljubljana you will find Lake Bohinj. A green oasis in Slovenias Triglav National Park. Ideal place for hiking, biking, horse riding, boating and swimming! Many people visit the lake in summer for vacations. A characteristic point is the stone bridge and the medieval church of St. John the Baptist, which compose an even more romantic scenery of the turquoise lake.

Mangart Saddle

At the borders of Italy and Slovenia, you will find the Mangart mountain, Slovenia’s third highest peak. It΄s  2,679 meters high and a few meters below at 2,072 meters you will find the Mangart Saddle Road, which is Slovenia’s highest road. What really makes this two way street special, apart from the incredible view, is the very narrow width, with several turns having no particularly side protection. Are you already stressed out? It’s absolutely normal! Driving in conditions such as these, the most of us will feel insecurity and anxiety. So, if you don’t have much patience, it’s better to not try it, as the road getting so narrow that even if you regret it, you won’t be able to turn in any way unless you reach the end of the route. The only sure thing from all this driving experience is that the panoramic view will really excite you.

Nearby Excursions

The Julian Alps area are so rich and beautiful that you really won’t have to leave it at all. Your choices are so many and your options for activities are endless. The beauty of the landscape will really amaze you! What we recommend you is to stay as long as possible to enjoy the area! We are sure that you will want to come back very soon!

What To Eat

Generally, in Slovenia flavours are influenced by the neighbour countries such as Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, but in combination with local tradition Slovenian cuisine has its own character. Unfortunately, due to limited free time, we didn’t manage to try many things. Kremna Rezina, one of Slovenia’s traditional sweets, is simply an unforgettable experience! It is perfect for vanilla lovers and it is made from whipped cream, vanilla cream and two very thin crisp pastry layers. A light creamy vanilla flavour that melts in your mouth, overlooking Lake Bled, is something we highly recommend. 

For our lunch we chose the traditional bar-restaurant Lacni Kekec in Kranjska Gora. There you will taste authentic Slovenian cuisine in a fairytale location, as the area is at the foot of the mountain, very close to the winter ski slopes that in summer is an endless oasis. We were particularly impressed by the decorative style of the restaurant, with the dominant element of the wooden construction, creating a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is very kind and helpful willing to assist us in our choices. You can enjoy delicious dishes such as traditional pies, juicy burgers, various choices of meats, colourful salads and grilled vegetables. We mainly chose dishes based on meat but it has many more choices for all tastes. The portions are large enough so we suggest that you do not overdo it with your order.

How to move

If you want to make a of the Julian Alps, the safest and most practical option is the car. As we have mentioned again, by road tripping you have the flexibility you need to enjoy this journey, so we suggest you to rent a car and spend as many days as possible to enjoy the Slovenian nature and the beauty of the Julian Alps.

Where to stay

Excursions in nature provide us the incredible peace of mind that we all need in our lives. This experience is completed by staying in guesthouses that you will find hidden in the woods. We were lucky enough to stay in a lovely guesthouse Koca na Gozdu, which is in a great location just 6 km from Lake Jasna. The guesthouse has a restaurant and large rooms for anyone who want to enjoy activities in nature all year round. You can make your reservations via Booking.com


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