Heiligenblut is one of the most beautiful villages in the Austrian Alps and has about 1.000 permanent residents. Located in a picturesque mountain landscape, at an altitude of almost 1.300 meters, in Hohe Tauern National Park which is one of the most impressive mountainous landscapes on our planet. This uniquely beautiful natural park stands out even from the top of the Grossglockner (3.798 m).  Anyone who visits Heiligenblut for the first time will quickly realize that the village, its buildings and the beautiful St. Vincent’s Church, are full of a long and exciting past with history.

What To See...

Pfarrkirche Heiligenblut

In Heiligenblut what really will impress you most is the gothic church of St. Vincent. The documents mention the chapel as early as 1271, but it was replaced in 1273 by a larger building because of its oldness.  The church is dedicated to St. Vincent of Zaragoza. It has a very elegant architecture and because it’s quite distinctive, you recognize it as soon as you approach Heiligenblut. The church of Heiligenblut, which in the background shows the enchanting pyramid shape of the Grossglockner peak, is an image captured in countless photos and known around the world.

Natura Mystica

The Hohe Tauern National Park is region’s largest treasure. Heiligenblut is located in a magnificent nature park which act as a magnet for hikers. In addition to a large network of 180 different trails you will come across an exciting long distance hiking trail that starts at the foot of Grosslockner. The magic of the mountains and the power of nature offer to all visitors unforgettable moments. It is truly an opportunity for families to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Heiligenblut Viewpoint

If you want to see from above the Heiligenblut village and the magnificent park that surrounds it, you have to go on a short hike to the wooden platform where the view is breathtaking. At the following map, we point out exactly where the platform is. It is certainly a good opportunity to collect some unique photos of your family in the backdrop of the magnificent valley.

Nearby Excursions

Without a doubt, the Alps Highlight is the experience you will live when you’ll get on the Grosslockner. Every kilometer and every single one of the 36 turns of the Alps’ highest road, is like a dream! You will enjoy a wonderful experience of Austria’s highest mountain at an altitude of 3.798 meters, which is one of the top three must destinations in Austria. There you will also find the largest glacier in the eastern Alps, the Pasterze, which is about 8 km long. Enjoy the beautiful hiking experience in nature with your family and watch as you change altitude, how the world of rare plants and different animals change too. The view, as you go up the mountain, will leave you speechless! In the summer everything becomes more magical!  Everywhere green velvet hills with winding roads, colourful flower meadows, rocky rubble and maybe some last icebergs that due to altitude refuse to melt even in August. The road to the Grosslockner in winter is closed for safety reasons and opens in the summer. You also need to be prepared to pay for the respective voucher, depending on your vehicle and the days you will be there. Prices start from 27 to 59 euros depending on the occasion.

What To Eat

As about the food in Heiligenblut, we never expected to be as impressive as it actually was.  After an adventurous day in the mountains, exhausted and full of new experiences, we returned to the village for some food and rest. We visited the Kirchenwirt restaurant, which is a lovely wooden terrace for the summer months, and a cozy, traditionally decorated interior that welcomes you in winter. The food was excellent, mainly with traditional Austrian dishes but also some Italian options. We chose a lot of different dishes as we were pretty hungry and really felt like tasting homemade food. Everything was fresh, delicious and cooked with love. As we relaxed while enjoying our food, the sunset and the beauty of nature around us, made this moment even more magical and unique. Heiligenblut is a village full of pleasant surprises that we will never forget and will always look for a reason to visit it again.

How to move

Your ideal travel vehicle choice is by car.  We will always support this choice as it gives us freedom and flexibility while traveling. If you don’t afford to rent a car, you can get there by tourist bus from any nearby town.  Also traveling by train is a convenient, fast and environmentally friendly way to get to Grosslockner / Heiligenblut. Looking out the window at the stunning scenery of the route will surely put you on a holiday mood!

Where to stay

For our stay we chose the traditional Villa Brandstätter.  The hotel was built in 1928 but is very well maintained. It has beautiful rooms that accustom you in the country life, as the owners have been take over the detailed decorations of every room. The rooms are fully equipped with everything the visitor needs and offer warmth, security and calmness. The owners are very kind and welcoming. From the first minutes of your stay in the area you will feel very comfortable and peaceful.  An excellent breakfast is served daily in the hotel’s main lounge and we suggest you to not forget to try their fresh eggs, which they will offer you. The cost of staying at this wonderful hotel varies from 70-120 euros per night. You can make your bookings via Booking.com


Heiligenblut Through Our Eyes...

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