Heidelberg is one of the most picturesque cities in Germany, it is built on the banks of the Neckar river and belongs to the state of Baden Württemberg, located geographically at the northwestern tip of this state. In the past, it was a city center of German romanticism and today is a very popular city which attracts tourists from all over the world. The University of Heidelberg, which was founded in 1386 AD. is the oldest in Germany.

The locals appreciate its world famous beauty and idyllic location on the river Neckar in the heart of the Rhein Neckar triangle, but also the quality of life that the city offers. This cosmopolitan, friendly, human and lively university city consists of 15 different neighborhoods and is particularly attractive for families, students, creators, businessmen, academics and researchers. In our oppinion is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, if not the most beautiful, along with Nuremberg, Wurzburg, Munich and Berlin following.

What To See...

Heidelberg Castle

The castle of Heidelberg is one of the most beautiful parts of the city and definitely offers the best view of it. It consists of many sections that can be visited by the public as well as the amazing gardens that surround it. You can climb the castle by cable car, which costs 7 Euros or walk about 15 minutes (1 kilometer) from the main square.

Old Heidelberg Bridge

This beautiful bridge connects one side of the city with the other and from here you can also take some stunning photos with the castle on the background. It was built in 1788 and is one of the city’s main attractions.

Central Square

This is the central square of the city and here you will find many cafes, restaurants, as well as the Gothic Church of the Holy Spirit along with a fountain dating back to 1700!


One of the city’s main streets, with many restaurants, cafes and many shopping malls.

Untere Strasse

Along with Hauptstrasse are the two busiest streets of the city with many choices for coffee and shopping. Wander around the streets and enjoy this picturesque city.

Nearby Excursions

An excellent choice if you have a car is to leave for a while the city of Heidelberg and go west to the river Rhine. Follow the river through a very beautiful route and you can see some very beautiful cities on the banks of the river. An even easier choice and equally beautiful is to go north east of the city through an incredible route of a dense forest that will take you to some very beautiful little villages. For your return trip, we would suggest you to return to the city, crossing the route alongside the Neckar river, which will give you some of the most beautiful sceneries you can see across the region.

What To Eat

In Heidelberg as well as in almost all of Germany you will find very good food in very generous portions. We tried some restaurants and we would recommend one that left us very good impressions. The restaurant is Hackteufel and is very close to the old city bridge in a very central spot. This restaurant is relatively small but has excellent food accompanied by a very romantic atmosphere. Ideal for those who want a beautiful dinner next to the beautiful bridge.

If you want something sweet and traditional German then we suggest you to try the Schneeballen. These are some ball shaped biscuits in different variants that are really very interesting. We suggest you to try them with milk chocolate flavor but also the classic version with powdered sugar. The shop we suggest you is Diller on Hauptstrasse.

How to move

The nearest airport is Frankfurt and is only 80 km from Heidelberg, about 45-50 minutes by car. Your transportation in Heidelberg is quite easy because it is a very friendly city for walking, as the most commercial streets are pedestrianized. The city’s main attractions are within walking distance and you will not have any difficulty of seeing them easily within a few hours.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Heidelberg is relatively expensive for German standards, as a double room in the city center costs around 90-110 euros with breakfast per night. If  your budget allows it then we would suggest you to stay in the city center and enjoy as much as possible this beautiful city and the incredible atmosphere it has. If your budget is now limited, then there are several cheaper options just outside the city at prices of 70-90 euros just 2-3 kilometers from the city center. You can make your reservations via Booking.com


Heidelberg Through Our Eyes...

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