Grindelwald is a village in the Interlaken region in the canton of Bern in Switzerland and is located 1034 meters above sea level in the Swiss Alps. Surrounded by an imposing mountain on the north side of Eiger and the Wetterhorn, form a dreamy alpine scenery. This mountainous landscape and numerous attractions and activities make Grindelwald one of Switzerland’s most popular and cosmopolitan holiday destinations and the largest ski resort in the Jungfrau region. Grindelwald is without doubt one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland.

As with all Switzerland, Grindelwald is an expensive place for most people as well as accommodation and eating out is very expensive and if you have not planned everything before, you can get out of budget very easily. Below we will say more about accommodation and eating options and how to avoid the devastating consequences for your holiday budget.

The Swiss Franc is the official currency of Switzerland (CHF) and 10 Swiss francs equals to 8.5 euros. For the latest updated exchange rates visit the XE Currency Converter page.

What To See...

Walk In The Village

Grindelwald is an attraction by itself, as the scenery that surrounds the village is simply amazing! Every corner of Grindelwald looks like a painting and the more you walk in the village, the more beautiful views you will see.


What you should not miss if you find yourself in Grindelwald is the ascent to First! First is connected to Grindelwald via a cable car that takes a 25 minute ride, but what you will see when you get to the top is probably the most beautiful alpine scenery you have ever seen in your life! Walk to the famous Iron Path that actually hangs in the air at a height of 2.167 meters and feel your adrenaline sky high! 

The First cable car ticket from Grindelwald costs 58 Swiss francs roundtrip per person (about 50 euros). The price sounds excessive, but if you think that we are talking about a 25 minute cable car ride in 2.000 meters in Switzerland then the price sounds absolutely normal. Pay attention to weather conditions, as it will be a shame to climb up in bad weather and not be able to admire the incredible scenery. Before you pay for a ticket take a look at the current conditions at the top, so you can decide yourself whether it is worth it or not.


After experiencing First’s incredible experience, then our suggestion is to walk about 40 minutes through a dreamy alpine scenery and reach the breathtaking lake Bachalpsee! Through a very easy path, where you will meet cows that graze freely around you, words are very poor to describe the whole scenery throughout your journey!

Nearby Excursions

A great choice for a nearby excursion from Grindelwald is the Lauterbrunen valley! With the homonymous village in the center and with high mountains and waterfalls around the valley, is in our opinion the most beautiful valley in whole Switzerland! Explore the village of Lauterbrunen and then take the train to the village of Wengen where it will offer you perhaps the most beautiful view you have seen in your life. Because we will refer on this incredible valley and its villages  in another article, we will not expand more for now because we have so many things to say about it…

What To Eat

A very nice restaurant with great food and good prices compared to others is Restaurant Memory. In this very beautiful restaurant you will find several local specialties such as fondue, raclette and rosti but also delicious burgers in generous portions. Our suggestion is to definitely try the fried potatoes with garlic along with a burger, as well as the rosti which was excellent!

How to move

Grindelwald is a pretty small village and so the best and cheaper way to move around is to walk. If you have a car we would suggest you to leave it in your hotel parking or in the parking lot in the center of the village, which is a more expensive choice.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Grindelwald is very expensive as in all of Switzerland. An average price for a relatively cheap double room starts at around 120 Swiss francs in the center of the village, but prices can easily reach 250-300 francs. There are plenty of hotels in Grindelwald but usually are all fully booked, especially during the high winter season. So if you are planning your trip to this fairytale village, organize your trip early and make your reservation via

Grindelwald Through Our Eyes...

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