Flam is a small village in Norway and is located in the beautiful Sognerfjord. Flam is a famous village in Norway with the Flamsbana train being its main attraction. This train trip, that starts from here, is considered as one of the most beautiful trips by train all over the world! A 20 km route, where you can see some incredible views of valleys and waterfalls, is something that will be truly unforgettable. Flam has only 350 permanent residents, who enjoy their everyday life in a spectacular scenery!

The Norwegian currency is the Norwegian Crown and 10 Norwegian Crowns equals to 1,05 euro . For the latest updated exchange rates visit the XE Currency Converter page.

What To See...

Flåm Railway

The Flamsbana train trip is the main attraction of the village and definitely something that you should not miss if you are here. The journey lasts about an hour and is one of the most beautiful experiences you can live in your life. The landscapes during the journey are simply amazing and can not be described in words unless you experience it. The ticket costs about 40 euros per person and you can get it right in the center of the village, where the train departs every hour for six times a day. You can see the schedule and prices here.


From this wonderful viewpoint you can admire perhaps the best view of the beautiful Aurlandsfjord! This structure extends 650 meters above the fjord and is constructed to give the impression that you literally hang over the fjord! The panoramic view from this platform gives you a great opportunity for some amazing photos, at one of Norway’s most photographed sights. If you do not have a car, you have the option to come here with the small van which departs daily from the center of Flam, at a somewhat expensive price (34 euros) per person. Surely Stegastein is a sight that you should not miss if you find yourself in Flam or the surrounding area.

Otternes Farm

This farm midway between Flam and Aurland is a typical example of the way of life that the locals had several years ago. The farm today is abandoned, but you can visit it and walk around the 27 houses that exist here and admire the incredible views of the Aurlandsfjord.

Nearby Excursions

Norway is a country where is almost essential to rent a car if you want to explore as many things as possible, as the distances are big and the cost of moving around with other means of transport such as train or bus is very high. The closest excursions we suggest you are the points that we mentioned above, namely the incredible Stegastein viewpoint, the Otternes farm and the beautiful village of Aurland, which are relatively close to Flam, and they really deserve a visit. Stegastein is 17 km from Flam, Otternes Farm 6 and the Aurland village 11.

What To Eat

Your food choices in Flam are very limited, and since there is nothing special to try here, in addition to the few touristic cafes and restaurants, we think that the best solution is to visit the village supermarket and buy some basic things that will save you enough money.

How to move

You do not need any means of transport or a car to move around Flam as the village is very small. The only reason to use a bus, train or your car is to do some of the excursions that we mentioned above.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Flam is very expensive as in the whole of Norway and the best solution in our opinion is not to overnight here, as prices are almost double compared with other accommodations that are located a little further. We have discussed in detail the issue of acommodation in Norway and how to find more cost effective solutions in our blog, in the “Norway On A Budget” article. You can make your reservations via Booking.com


Flåm Through Our Eyes...

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