In the most romantic part of the Mossel Valley is located  the old town of Cochem. The wonderful Reichsburg castle is situated on a vertical rock high above the city, dominates the landscape and gives the impression of a typical fairytale castle, especially because it is one of the few German castles that was rebuilt in its original style after its complete destruction. The same impressive as the castle is the view of the Mossel Valley with its beautiful forests, meadows, fields and vineyards, as well as the old part of the city.

The city of Cochem itself is a beautiful city worth seeing not only for the narrow, picturesque streets but also for its medieval atmosphere. You can enjoy another view of the city by walking along the Moselle River, which is decorated with flowers and where many benches invite you for a quiet break. An additional attraction is a boat tour on the river either during the day or at night with music and dancing when the lights of the castle and the city are reflected in the water.

What To See...

Reichsburg Castle

Reichsburg Castle is the trademark of the city but also the most beautiful spot to admire the spectacular views of the River Mossel and the valley. Inside the castle there is a restaurant where you can dine and travel back in time. A tremendous experience that is really worth it, though it’s a bit expensive, since the cost is 50 euros per person including dinner and a tour at the castle for a total of 4 hours. If you just want to visit the castle then the indoor ticket is at 6 euros per person and for the outdoors completely free of charge.

Skagerak Bridge

This bridge connects one side of the city with the other, and you can also take stunning pictures with the castle in the backround and the colorful traditional houses along the river.

Central Square

This is the central square of the city and here you will find many restaurants as well as several souvenis from the city of Cochem!


A very beautiful spot for panoramic photos of the valley and the Moselle River.

Moselle River

You can stroll along the river or even better to take a 2 hour mini cruise to see the city from a different perspective but also enjoying the tranquility of the river during your journey. The ticket costs 16 euros per person.

Nearby Excursions

There are plenty of choices for a one day trip from Cochem, for example, the cities of Frankfurt and Cologne, but we will you suggest a much more beautiful place, which is even closer to Cochem, about 30 minutes away and in our oppinion it is one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. The impressive Eltz castle!!!

Eltz Castle is a medieval castle located above the Moselle River, really hidden in a green valley away from the streets and generally difficult to reach, making it even more magical. Of course if you want to see it the only way is to cross an amazing path through the dense forest. Once you park your car in the parking lot just before the path,  you will need to walk about 20 minutes to reach the entrance of the castle. Entrance to the castle costs 10 euros per person with a guided tour and free of charge for all the outdoor area.

What To Eat

Cochem has a lot of restaurants and cafes because it’s a very touristic place! We will recommend you a restaurant in the central square, which we have visited and we found it really good. The restaurant is called Ratskeller and you will find it on the main square of Cochem. It’s a bit difficult to find it because the entrance is almost hidden and very small and the restaurant is underground. The incredible decoration with the impressive chandeliers, the low lighting, combined with the fact that the restaurant is located in a cellar, will prepare you for the excellent food that will follow. The prices are very good as it will cost you about 11-20 euros per person.

If you want to have a coffee or something sweet, then we suggest you the cafe Flair. Here you will find a huge variety of sweets at a bit higher prices but we think that you will not be disappointed. Cafe Flair is located on the main road of Cochem right in front of the river and usually has plenty of people throughout the day.

How to move

Cochem is a pretty small town and the best way to explore it without stress is to walk. Even the ascent to the castle would not be difficult, as the distance from the main square is only 700 meters through a very beautiful path along vineyards leading to the entrance of the castle. The nearest airport is Cologne and is 110 km from Cochem, about 1 hour by car.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Cochem is quite affordable and a very good double room in the central square costs around 75-80 euros with breakfast. Our suggestion is to stay just outside of the city where prices are much lower, about (55-60 euros) in some traditional guesthouses that operated from families and wine producers so the wine lovers will have the opportunity to see the vineyards as well as try the wines of the family for free. You can make your reservations via

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