Brand is a tourist resort in western Austria, located in the Bludenz district in the Vorarlberg state about five kilometers north of the Swiss border and eight kilometers east of the Liechtenstein border. Brand’s population in 2016 was just 688 people, so you understand that we are talking about a place that who live only few really lucky people.

In Brand the traveler can find all year round something interesting to do on his holidays. In winter, of course, you can ski, downhill, winter hiking and other interesting things. In the summer you can admire how gentle nature was with this truly magical place! Green mountains, rivers, lakes and the imposing peaks of the alps will make you reconsider how beautiful a place can be!

What To See...

Brand Village

Places like Brand can not have a specific list of attractions since the landscape in the whole area around the village is so beautiful that is very difficult to describe in words. Classic alpine scenery at its best that has something special to offer the traveler every season of the year. We will suggest you some viewpoints where you can take some unique photos and some very short excursions that will enchant you. Walk along the village without any specific destination and surely the images will reward you in every aspect.


Lake Lünersee is one of the largest natural mountain lakes in the eastern Alps. It is located at an altitude of 1,970 meters above sea level and can easily reached by the cable car that will take you up in just 6 minutes at a cost of 13 euros per person roundtrip. After climbing into the lake level, you will see a landscape that will definitely remain unforgettable to you. Follow the path and walk around the lake on foot. From each point it looks different but the beauty remains tha same. Surely this ascent will reward you with some of the most beautiful pictures of your life!

Nearby Excursions

Brand is a blessed place for sure! Apart from its own beauty, is at a location where you can find yourself in two different countries of unimaginable beauty within 25-30 minutes, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Drive west of Brand and in about 15-20 minutes you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland in the Canton of Appenzel. Landscapes of incredible beauty that we will refer extensively on our next trips.

In the same direction and around the same time you can find yourself in the beautiful Lichtenstein. Lichtenstein is a small European state, extending in the Alps, between Switzerland and Austria. It’s total area is 160.4 km2. and it’s population according to official estimates of 2016 is 37,815 inhabitants. The capital of the state is Vaduz, while the largest city is Schaan. It is known as a winter sports resort but also as a tax haven.

What To Eat

There are not too many choices in Brand because there are not enough restaurants. In the few restaurants you will find typical Austrian dishes with main ingredients meat, cheese, potatoes, at slightly higher prices than the rest of Austria.

We visited the Mühlebach Pub, which is a restaurant, café, but also a pub in the evening where you can enjoy your drink. His kitchen was excellent with high-quality raw materials with huge varieties of sausages, cheeses, etc. but also some great desserts. It’s prices were quite normal and we recommend it unreservedly.

How to move

The nearest airport is Memmingen in Germany, approximately 137 km away (1.5 hour) by car. Inside the village you will not need any means of transport unless you decide to take a day trip in Lünersee that we mentioned above.

Where to stay

Accomodation in Brand is quite expensive, which is absolutely normal if you consider where you are. A relatively economic double room in the center of the village starts at 80-100 euros. The hotels in the village are all excellent and most of them overlook the village or the surrounding mountains. You can make your reservations here via

Brand Through Our Eyes...

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