Bamberg is a city located in Franconia, Germany, 60 km north of Nuremberg. It is an architectural gem and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993. It has a population of 70,000 and is considered as one of Germany’s most beautiful cities. The beautiful characteristic buildings and the canals that cross the city make it even more beautiful and also make it a must visit destination in Franconia region.

The city of Bamberg itself boasts nine breweries and is the centre of the region’s brewing industry, with around 300 breweries. The most famous beer in Bamberg is Rauchbier, a dark beer that is smoky in taste and its smell is a result of the smoked malt used. Schlenkerla is a world famous truly unique beer that you have to try if you find yourself in Bamberg. 

What To See...

Little Venice

This district is probably the most beautiful spot in Bamberg and surely a must see if you are here. Walk along the river, relax and admire the beautiful scenery around you!

Old Town Hall

This is the most beautiful building in the whole city. The facade of this building is really impressive and also gives a three dimensional look. This beautiful building is located on an artificial island above the river Regnitz and is surely the most famous building in Bamberg.

Obere Brücke

Obere Brücke is the most beautiful bridge in Bamberg and is also one of the many bridges that connects one side of the city to the other.

Bamberg Cathedral

Bamberg Cathedral is one of Bamberg’s iconic monuments and a must visit. It is located on the huge cathedral square of the city just a few minutes from river Regnitz. Bamberg Cathedral is one of the most famous cathedrals of Germany and it can be seen from almost everywhere in the city.


This spectacular rose garden is one of the most beautiful places in Bamberg and is located in the inner courtyard of the Bamberg Palace. From here you can also admire the splendid views of Bamberg and relax with a quiet walk.

Nearby Excursions

The best option for a one day trip from Bamberg is that of Nuremberg. Nuremberg is an amazing city and is in our top 3 list of German cities. The center of Nuremberg, where most of the attractions are located, is not particularly big and you will not have any problem to see the city’s main attractions within a day.

The castle, the central square of the city, the bridges and the canals around the city center will surely make you love this city. The ideal choice would be, to be here during the Christmas season where Nuremberg has one of the most beautiful Christmas markets all over the world and is definitely an experience that will be unforgettable.

Nuremberg is only a 45 minute drive from Bamberg and access is very easy by car or by train from Bamberg’s Central Station. Train tickets cost 40 Euros per person roundtrip and the duration is approximately 35 minutes.

What To Eat

As we mentioned above, Bamberg is the city that is famous for its beers, of course everywhere in Germany you will find incredible variety and quality if you are a beer lover. In this city, however, from 1405 produced our favorite beer, which is none other than the smoked beer Schlenkerla

In an amazing beer house in the heart of the city you will be able to enjoy this truly unique beer and accompany it with incredible sausages, schnitzels, the traditional Pork leg and many more. The food was amazing and all the dishes we tasted were worthy of the reputation this beerhouse has. The only negative about this beerhouse is that it is always full, not only inside but also outside where people are so many that the road is often almost closed! There is no possibility to book a table, so the only solution is to go there an unlikely hour to get more chances on finding a table.

Except from the incredible Schlenkerla beerhouse in Bamberg you can find one of the best burgers you have ever eaten. The burger house Zapfhahn is easily on the top 5 burgers we have ever eaten and if you are a burger lover like us, then you have to taste it. Same here as Schlenkerla, there are lots of people and you have to wait at least one hour most of the times to sit on a table, but believe us it worths the waiting.

How to move

Bamberg is a small city and the best way to explore it is on foot. If your hotel is in the city center, then you have no problem to see all the main sights in just one day. The nearest airport is Nuremberg’s and it is about 45 minutes away by car (60 km). If you want an alternative option then you can take the train from Bamberg’s central station to Nuremberg’s airport. It will cost you about 20 Euros per person one way and it takes about one hour.

Where to stay

Accommodation in Bamberg ranges in normal prices compared to other German cities. A very nice double room in the city center starts from 60-80 Euros per night including breakfast. We suggest you to stay near the city center, so you will have plenty of time to see all the city’s main sights in one day or two. You can make your reservation via

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