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We are Stelios and Anastasia! Our aim is to share with you our great passion for travelling, to tell you our own experiences and through our photos and descriptions motivate you to travel in the destinations of your dreams. In our website you will find suggestions, tips, many photos from our trips for over 150 cities, villages, in 21 countries so far. All the photos that you will find come from our personal archive because this way we want to show you the world from our point of view.

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As often as we can. Usually 2-3 times per year.

Absolutely not! Everything we do is for people who love travelling like us. Ηowever, everyone who wants to help us cover the operating costs of the website, like hosting, domain name, etc. can make reservations for hotels, flights, car rental or tours through our partners in our website without any extra charge obviously.

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We travel 11 years until now non-stop and we hope to continue for many years.

We have visited 21 countries so far. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary Italy, Lichtenstein, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom,  United Arab Emirates, Thailand, United States and of course Greece which is the country we come from… So 22.

Every country has its own beauty. Our personal favourites are Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Scotland, United States, almost all of them…

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